About Me

Are my pop-up designs appropriate for kids?’, was what I asked myself. The answer was no! They are a representation of my adult life from a Kid’s Eye View.

How it began..

  • Robert Sabuda inspired me to start practicing.
  • Carol Berton introduced me to a deeper learning of techniques and soul improvement.
  • Matthew Reinhart has motivated me not to give up.
  • Popuplady has given me a wealth of knowledge.
  • David A. Carter’s pop-up arts have never stopped to amaze me.
  • Don Van Der Meer helped me to break free and become more of an adultish pop-up designer.
  • Simon Arizpe always has answers to my questions about paper engineering.
  • and a lot more..


I’m fascinated in creativity and I was searching for the channel
to express my creativity. Each time I opened pop up book I feel my heart beat as a puppy love occurred. So I picked pop up as my material to start my art journey.
  I’ve started learning pop up in 2008. I worked so hard quietly alone in my room.  My style back then was colorful and childish. Until one day I was doubt if the pop up was my way to live in this world. So I’ve learned many new things and of course the pop up has faded away from my life for 4 years. However Something haunted me each day without creating pop up, more fear establish deeply in my mind. Then as if the electricity shut down, my life was in the dark. So I have to stop and asked myself again what I really want to do. Yes

” You must do what you love” someone said to me. Simply as it sounded I was back to pop up with the first project “F.E.A.R”. You can find it here (link) and a lot more project pouring as a waterfall from my soul. Hope you follow my works , support, critic, be friends and enjoy my works. There are a lot more to come.

You guys are all welcome to visit my world. Many thanks to Simon Arizpe, the great paper engineer who answered my questions always. His works are so inspired and he was the best paper engineer, 2018 from Movable Book Society.