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Café Sainte Victoire bar & restaurant, France 2013

My husband and his partner ran a local restaurant in Puyloubier, France. It was a charming place with Sainte Victoire Mountain behind. We owned the terrace with the village fountain which was opened for summer. Many tourist came visiting, taking a rest for some drink, having a big meal for lunch and dinner. Some hiking groups stopped by after a long walking on the beautiful mountain. I created some pop up cards, the stories of the restaurant. I sold them on site at the cafe.
Guests who visited our restaurant they could see my works, enjoy the sun in summer, try typical French food from south, and of course sip some good wine.

Fountain pop-up postcard

Service pop-up postcard

Barman pop-up postcard

Baguette pop-up postcard

Food pop-up postcard

Fish dish pop-up postcard