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At Library of Puyloubier, France
5 - 26 April 2014

I always tell my son to look up in the sky through each clouds. He amuses by seeing that far. Not only kids love the clouds, also us. There are lots of fairy tales in the sky when we look at the different shapes of clouds. It is a dream for all of us to fly up high. 

For this exhibition I shown at the library of my village. It was difficult because I needed to make my work outstanding from all colorful children’s book around.

So I made 12 pop-ups which was separated into 2 parts. There were 5 big pop-ups and 7 small pop-ups.

The big one were 50×65 cm. I created the caption of each cards by showing the mock ups for visitors being able to try my cards. Of course, seeing the movement of pop ups was the most important to let people appreciate the work.

The 7 smalls I hung them along the neon light rail in front of stone wall. I made this part become more colorful by adding 3D clouds. I changed the grey stone wall became attractive area.

In addition I put 3-layer cloud pop-ups around the room. I used random color. And at one corner I put the different design.

The result of installation made my feeling of tiredness completely disappeared. It came out as I thought. Wish you all seeing my exhibition.